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External awnings made to measure | | CLIMAX SWISS GmbH




Climax external awnings are suitable for family home terraces, café gardens and apartment balconies. Cassette or folding-arm awnings will provide reliable protection to you and your terrace. Climax produces all awnings to measure with a 4-year warranty. You can supplement them with sun, wind or shock sensors. The sensor sends a signal to the drive mechanism to extend or retract the fabric based on the current weather and you can leave your home with peace of mind.


Folding-arm awnings

You will find the popular Climax folding-arm awnings as shading on many terraces of family homes, restaurants and stores. On folding-arm awnings, the fabric is rolled up on a shaft and can be protected using a rooflet. The awning is extended using folding-arms.

Cassette awnings

Climax cassette awnings are the most widespread method of shading terraces and outdoor relaxation areas. Unlike folding-arm awnings they are exemplified by the presence of a designer box. The cassette serves both a protective as well as aesthetic function. It decorates the house whilst protecting the rolled up fabric and awning arms against the wind and rain.


Why purchase an awning?


Make the time you spend with family and friends outdoors during the summer much more pleasant underneath the shade of an extensible awning. It provides perfect protection against the sun and even handles light rain. It is nevertheless better to protect the awning fabric in a designer cassette. Extensible awnings are anchored into a wall or ceiling, and frequently are mounted only after the completion of the home. Select from a wide selection of colours, patterns and fabric types, and either manual or electric controls.



Cassette awnings Scrigno belong to the standard type of retractable awnings with folding arms. They are suitable for shading balconies of apartment buildings, terraces of family homes and restaurant outdoor seating. The acrylic awning materials are colourfast, resistant against UV radiation and the effects of weather. Thanks to a their impregnation, they also repel soils and water.



The folding-arm awning Prima T ranks amongst the standard types of folding-arm awnings with a wide range of applications. Its main advantage is namely its favourable price for such a quality product. Acrylic fabric with a UV factor can be protected by an additional rooflet and there are more than 50 colour tones to choose from.


Cassette awnings Prima Box offer the optimal balance between price and quality. The acrylic fabric is protected against unfavourable weather in a designer cassette. This will ensure that it remains in perfect condition for a very long time. The awning creates perfect shade during long, hot summer days. What´s more, there are more than 50 colours and fabric patterns to choose from.


The clean design of cassette awnings Noveta Box predestines them for installation on the façades of minimalistic family homes. They protect furniture against the effects of solar radiation and thereby extend its lifetime. Their first-class quality construction is supplemented by your choice from the wide range of colourfast fabrics.


The folding-arm awning Klasik will satisfy even the more demanding customer. First-grade materials and construction guarantee problem-free operation and a long lifetime. The awning Klasik is primarily characterised by its large extension and arbitrary tilting of the arms to match the sun´s elevation. By joining constructions, it is possible to shade a width of up to 14 m.


The premium awning Kaseta belongs to the best products in the cassette awning product range. Precise construction guarantees reliable operation and a long lifetime. Thanks to its robust construction, the awning is also ideally suited for shading large areas. By joining constructions, it is possible to shade a width of up to 14 m. It is mounted on the wall, ceiling or rafter.


Folding-arm awnings Noveta Plus are characterised by their unique cross-over arms. This enables a greater extension that the actual width of the awning. Fabric can be protected in a so-called semi-cassette, which is an additional rooflet with sides and a bottom cover. This partially covers the fabric of the awning over winter, when the awning is not used.


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